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BRC fence is an attractive, versatile, economical and easy-to-install fencing product. It is manufatured from galvanized BRC Welded mesh which makes it corrosion resistant. BRC fence is galvanized using a controlled hot dip proccess at 465 " C. The high quality of galvanizing means no special maintenance or repainting is required for a long period of time. There are many product copies of BRC fence available which my not have the same galvanizing quality. To ensure you are using the genuine BRC Fence product, please look for embossement of BRC on the fence product and accessories.

BRC fence can be used for large veriety of applications, such as residential housing, industrial buildings, swiming pools, security and leisure facilities, e.g. Sport field and golf courses, listed on the next page is the extensive range of BRC fence type, sizes and accessories to select from.

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Name:Mr. Moch Rofiq [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:081 333 140750
Phone Number:081 333 140 750
Address:Gunung Sari Indah
Surabaya 60223, Jawa Timur

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